Richard Woods is backand this time the satirist and social commentator aims his high powered perception at the relationship industry. Without consideration for political correctness, Woods calls out self-help experts whom he perceives as fact challenged, greed driven, and morally suspect and openly questions their qualifications to offer relationship advice in the first place. Never one to mince words, Woods offers perspectives about marriage and monogamy that you won t hear on daytime television.

If you re wondering why certain couples always seem like they are sharing a sexy little secret while most others are trapped in habitually contentious Mars/Venus relationships, "UnLearn Vanilla Marriage" will tell you things that the self-help industry doesn t want you to know.

This is the definitive book for anyone who needs help repairing the damage that conventional wisdom does to a marriage.
- David Harris Harris Media Group Inc.

Rich Woods is one of today 's most unapologetic and irreverent writers. His unique commentary style puts social topics under both a microscope and a sledgehammer.
- Steve Harwood, Editor, Kasidie

Some of the greatest thinkers of all time were those who thought outside the box, but not many have Rich 's sense of humor.
- Brian Sapient Founder, Rational Responders