Bryce Stelern lived to write and play music for Road Son.
With talent, dedication, his cousin Blake, and his two best friends, Bryce knew
they were going to become rock gods...

Clara Aile was not part of the plan.

Sometimes falling in love with the wrong girl just feels right...

With success within reach, Road Son was about to break
big... until the rockstar lifestyle became more appealing to the band than
actually becoming rockstars.Every time Blake's addictions spun out
of control, Clara would run to Bryce for comfort, and then would break his
heart by going right back to Blake.

No longer able to watch Blake mistreat Clara and destroy
Road Son's dream, Bryce made the painful decision to leave it all behind.

Then one phone call changed everything...

And now, years later, Bryce is back in town, Blake is gone,
and Clara's rare beauty is more captivating than ever. However, Bryce must
first find a way to win back a band that feels betrayed by his solo success. He
must earn their forgiveness for abandoning his own family and the band when
they needed him the most. And acting on years of feelings for Blake's woman is
definitely not the way to do that...

Can this forbidden love stand a chance... or will a band, a
crew, and a dream be destroyed forever?