This is the smartest book about planning a wedding I have ever encountered. It exposes, with a wry voice, the million little scams perpetrated on unsuspecting brides and grooms by the wedding-industrial complex, and gives excellent tips on how to avoid the pitfalls. What's refreshing is that it never tries to push a particular kind of wedding (small and non-traditional vs. large and observant of traditions, for example) but helps you figure out what kind of wedding you want to have, and then helps weed out the extraneous and the overpriced. Best general tip: wherever possible, refrain from telling vendors that you're having a wedding, which often tacks on all kinds of premium pricing that, say, a family reunion won't have. Best NYC tip: buy the dress from RK Bridal, which unlike most bridal gown shops, does not cut the manufacturer's tags out of the gowns (illegal) so that you can comparison shop the styles, and lets you take pictures of yourself in the dresses you try on.