A wonderful story about three baby owls who wake up to find that their mother is not in the nest. Baby owl Bill keeps say "I want my mummy", but the other two are more philosophical about her absence, saying that she is probably out hunting and will come back. They step out of the nest into the big dark wood to wait for her, and baby owl Sarah suggests they share a branch together, which is more cosy. Quite soon, mama owl flies back - reassuring them that although she goes away, of course she will always come back.

This is a lovely story, illustrated with charming and intricate penwork, contrasting with silhouettes of the night. The little fluffy white owls are absolutely adorable.

I collect children's picture books, and to my frustration they are pretty well all in a jumble. Interestingly, on my travels round the library to find "Owl Babies" I was fascinated to see that they have the same chaos as me! None of the large picture books are in alphabetical or subject order, rather they are just stuffed into boxes in the middle of the floor.It's not easy to find a specific book when you are faced with piles of hundreds of books all squashed together. (I had a secret groan....)I would LOVE it if the publishers could come up with a system of colours on the spines of these books - pertaining to some sort of system of subjects, so they could at least roughly be organised. Okay, so the categorizations would be very random, but at least it would give me and the library a starting point for some sort of organisational sanity.