A far better way to write a nonfiction book
If you write a book without this, you are doing it the hard way. Write your non-fiction book the more efficient way, using a much easier and faster process.

For years, the process of writing a book has been the same. Until now, the process has been to spend hours on creating an outline. After that, you needed to organise it, ready for the writing part. The book would then be written from start to finish. This would often be interrupted with new parts to add and others to remove, which would involve a lot of rewriting. The next step would be to edit and proofread, ready for publishing. This is a very long laborious task involving checking the entire document for typos, grammar errors, and wording.

This process has now been streamlined. Write your book in a much more efficient way. No long difficult tasks, just easy steps that have been re-arranged to make everything run more smoothly. An easier and faster process by far.

You will also discover easier and faster writing methods. No more agonizing over what to say or how to say it. It will allow you to produce better quality at a much easier and faster rate.

Anyone can write a book this way.

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These are methods that the author has taken years to perfect. He has studied many, tried them out, and refined them into a very effective process. The normal way to write a book is harder and takes longer. Do it the better way.

Writing a book needn't be a hardship. It should be fun. It's your way of communicating with the world. Anyone can write a book by following these steps.

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