Climb aboard a Time Machine to the far edges of history and see what really happened!
The Time Pedaler series brings to life a new kind of teen hero, Chant Baker, a typical kid who makes a very extraordinary discovery, a Time Machine. In book one of the TIME PEDALER series, a cleaning trip to the basement of his parent’s new store leads Chant to a discovery that will change his life forever and take him on incredible and amazing adventures back in time! Along the way he meets a surprise cast of historical figures, and everyday people who just happen to live several hundred years ago.
The mystery of the Time Machine and its origins are just one of the amazing problems Chant faces. Can he keep his discovery a secret? Could you?
History meets tie-dye and tennis shoes in the exciting coming of age, science fiction fantasy, THE TIME PEDALER. Come join the journey and imagine your own destinations along the way! Interview with the Author
Q: Tally how did you become interested in Time Travel?
A: Who doesn't want to time travel? Time travel is such a fun concept. The idea that you can live in the present, travel to the past and jump into the future is mind-blowing! You start imagining all the cool places you could go, and dreaming about meeting the people throughout history that you admire.
You know, there's an expression, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Regardless of time, there are constants in human nature: We love, we hate, we create, we destroy, we befriend, we betray, we do the right thing, we make mistakes, we remember the past, we hope for the future. These are the common threads that bind us all to time and create great subject matter for The Time Pedaler.
Q: Micheal, this is quite a departure from your Cole Sage series. What made you write a teen and young adult book?
A: I love the idea of Time Travel. The whole “what if” has been a favorite fantasy of mine since I was a Jr. High and High Schooler. My alter ego Cole Sage will never get to pedal back in time so this was a great chance to take my love of adventure and time travel to a whole new level.
Q: What is special about the main character in this book?
A: Micheal: The thing I love about Chant is he has no super powers or magic wands. He is the guy you see at school and he’s just like you. The thing that is so cool is he has the biggest secret in the world! He can just go down in the basement, go back in time to see Abe Lincoln, Joan of Arc or anybody he wants, and be back in time for dinner.
Tally: My favorite thing about Chant is he is always thinking and planning, and still, he gets a big surprise every time he arrives in the past. But we mustn’t forget the girls in his life! His sister Chai is a constant threat to his secret, and someone he meets in his travels could turn out to be someone pretty special.
Q: Are there more Time Pedaler books on the way?
A: Absolutely! We are currently working on Day Tripper the second book in the series. We have so many ideas they won’t all fit into one book! Or five! So until we run out of places to go, people to meet, and things to see, Chant will be time trippin’ for quite a while.
Q- Thanks for giving our readers a look inside The Time Pedaler Series.
A - Thanks for the opportunity!
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