Five complete crime novels.

Robin Greaves is an armed robber whose professionalism is put to the test when he discovers his wife has been sleeping with a fellow gang-member. Robin plans the ultimate revenge, but things go from bad to worse when the gang bungles a post office robbery, leaving carnage in their wake. Suddenly, they are stalked by the police, sleazy private eyes, and a cold-blooded killer who may be the only one not looking for a cut of the money.

Violence is Joe Hope's business. When people in Edinburgh want to borrow money, they go to Cooper. When they don't pay it back, they get a visit from Joe Hope. But now Joe's got problems of his own. His teenage daughter is found dead, an apparent suicide. Then the police arrest him for murder. But for once in his life, Joe's innocent – and with help from Scotland's hardest men (and one of Scotland's hardest women), he sets out to find the person who framed him and deliver his own brutal brand of justice. After all, somebody has to pay.

First published under the title HARD MAN and described by critics as 'a Grand Guignol masterpiece', 'a Buster Keaton movie with bloodshed' and 'an updated and X-rated version of Hamlet', BAD MEN is a blackly comic over-the-top crime novel for readers with a strong stomach and a robust sense of humour. Edinburgh hard man, Pearce, just wants to be left alone. But the Baxter family has other ideas. When 16-year-old May Baxter gets on the wrong side of her psycho husband, Wallace, Pearce is invited to protect her. At first he declines. But then things start to get personal…

Andy Park passes out at the sight of blood, but he thinks he’s discovered a way to make his family’s enemies pay. He isn’t prepared for the fallout, though. Before long, his teenage son is in mortal danger and his daughter and her fiancé are forced to carry out his dirty work. Meanwhile, a masked man known only as Mr. Smith is blackmailing Tommy Savage—for what, he has no idea. And after an attempt to gain the upper hand has near-fatal results, Tommy and his brother, Phil, find themselves heading to a graveyard with only a couple of swords and a bag of cash for company. Will they survive the night? Will anyone? With equal parts blood phobia and blood lust, SAVAGE NIGHT is a cinematic tragi-comedy of love and violence that unfolds over six short blood-blind hours in Scotland’s capital city.

Young prison officer, Nicholas Glass, is finding the stresses of his new job increasingly hard to handle. Bullied and abused by inmates and colleagues alike, each day is getting longer than the one before. When a group of cons uses outside help to threaten his wife and daughter, he agrees to do them a "favour". But as their threats escalate, and one favour leads to another, he grows ever closer to breaking point.

The novels in this omnibus edition have been shortlisted for various awards such as the CWA Debut Dagger in the UK, and the MWA Edgar in the US, and include the Theakston's Crime Novel of the Year winner, TWO-WAY SPLIT.

Praise for Allan Guthrie

"an immensely skilful writer" – The Independent

"The best noir writer in the country" – The Scotsman

"a witty and inventive stylist" –Washington Post

" those who enjoy the darker side of the genre are in for some serious thrills" – Guardian

"Guthrie writes with an urgency, energy, cynical realism and mastery of casual violence that is rarely encountered in British crime writing" – The Times

"By turns hilarious