Gideon has disappeared just when Zeke and Lily need their angel guard the most. Their lives have somehow turned into a nonstop action movie with daring rescue after daring rescue. A bruised and exhausted Lily can't understand why they're on their own, and she doesn't understand why so many missions are failing.

As she struggles to hold on to her faith in the midst of chaos, an old enemy resurfaces. Lily is convinced that Caleb has a new sinister plot to take over her father's church, but no one believes her, not even Zeke. As she struggles to try and convince her friends of Caleb's guilt, her new youth pastor's son has his own evil designs on Emily. With trouble around every corner, and no help in sight, can Lily remain strong enough to do the job he's been given? Or will she give in to temptation and take the one thing she can't have?