Time is money in an airplane and with an instructor. Flight School will save readers on both as they progress through Private and Commercial certificates. When the flight instructor tells students which maneuvers will be covered at the next lesson, students can then read the pertinent chapters in Flight School and work the reviews to prepare for it. It can also be used in post-flight briefing to consolidate what students practiced in the air. Flight instructors will benefit from better-prepared students, and students will benefit from more progress in their flight training. This book makes it easy for students to learn the maneuvers before taking to the air, so their flight lessons can be dedicated to practice. This new Third Edition of Flight School (previously published as Flight Training) covers all the tasks from the FAA Practical Test Standards for the Private and Commercial certificates. The textual descriptions are supported with more than 500 full-color illustrations and photographs. Students gain both a theoretical and operational understanding of the maneuvers and tasks before heading to the airport. In addition to covering all the maneuvers, the book also prepares readers for the student pilot milestones: first solo, cross-country flying, instrument flight, and night flying. There is a comprehensive airplane checkout review in the appendix which readers can use to prepare for transitioning to a new airplane type, insurance applications, or the Flight Review (BFR) ground lesson. Flight School is part of The Pilot's Manual Series, a complete, self-paced home-study or school course designed to be all readers need to prepare for FAA Knowledge Exams and checkrides. Chapters conclude with review questions so readers can ensure they've acquired the necessary knowledge. This is the series used by leading universities as their standard classroom texts. Softcover, 8 3/8" x 10 7/8" format, full-color, indexed, illustrated throughout, 656 pages.