Sky and Sparklez were struck with the painful realization that this was no longer a video game. This was real life. What they had once played as a hobby had become something far more powerful. But why? What had caused them to teleport into this blocky world?

The duo must travel through the Cubeworld, trying to uncover the mystery of their new lives and what brought them here. Minecraft may have just been a video game, but now it has become the challenging fight for survival against the viscous mobs and an previously unknown mythical character of greater power, Herobrine.

Follow the adventures of Sky, Sparklez and Jerome in this epic novel about the video game Minecraft, Cubeworld!

**Disclaimer: This is an unofficial 'fan fiction' novel written about the video game, Minecraft. It is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB and does not intend to infringe its rights**