Adoption Is for Always is a children’s book by Linda Walvoord Girard that focuses on a young girl, named Celia, and her struggle to understand and come to terms with her adoption. As a five-year-old, she struggles to understand why she was adopted because she believes that it meant that she wasn’t and isn’t loved. As the story progresses, Celia realizes the immense love her parents have her, as well as the importance of having a birthmother. As a literacy teacher, I believe that this would be an important book to use when discussing adoption because it discusses the internal conflict that many adopted children face. I think students would use this book to learn more about adoption, especially children that are adopted and are struggling with coming to terms with those implications.The author does an amazing job of approaching an aspect of adoption that many adopted children experience, and she does it in a very realistic and respectful manner. For the purpose of exploring various family units, I would use this text to explore aspects of adoption.