Had to step out of Mass this morning due to a 10-month-old that wanted to practice his new walking skills.I saw this on a table in the church's library and picked it up.I was easily able to find the parable that the priest was discussing in the next room and read it to my son.He listened and looked at the pages but could still crawl around the way he needed to.So he still got something spiritual out of the morning!

I've only read a few pages, but I like the format and the illustrations.It seems like it's at a perfect level for reading with children, but not too "diluted" like other children's Bible stories I've seen.It also seems to cover a wider range of the Bible than those other ones.I'm thinking of getting a copy for our home now, but in the meantime I'll definitely be using this one at church whenever I have to take a squirmy little boy into another room!