I read "The Dare" by R. L. Stine. I thought this was a good book. I seen someone reading it in class, and thought I would try it out. It is told from Johanna's point of view. Some of the characters she meets on the way are Dennis, and Mr. Northwood.

Johanna is not in the most popular group in school. She makes the right decisions and is a overall great student. When she starts hanging around the most popular group in school she starts making decisions that she wouldn't have usually. Her high school crush, Dennis starts to talk her into killing a teacher he dislikes. At first Johanna thinks it is just a joke and enjoys the fact that her crush is talking to her. Then later to realize that she is just getting used, because she lives next door to the teacher.

This book takes place in a high school in Virginia during the 1990's. Johanna lives with her mom, who is usually not at home. She is a single child and lives across from her teacher Mr. Northwood.

The biggest theme I found in the book was not to change your morals for popularity. In this book Johanna runs into this situation many times, and almost ruins her life because of it.

I would recommend this book too anybody that is in middle school because I found it easy to read. Also to anyone who is interested in scary books, because R.L. Stine is a great horror writer.