When they married just two short years ago, Phoebe and Fallon had been the epitome of happiness.He was a reformed bad boy, embracing a more traditional life.She was the charismatic good girl that had been the light of his world, and saved him from his dark side.Then the explanations for his absence began, the lengthy disappearances, and the change in habits.Though she never wanted to be that wife, but one night while he slept, she checked his phone and everything changed.

After that she couldn’t sleep.Instead, she stayed up all night trying to decide how to handle the one situation he swore he would never put her in.Should she confront him or catch him?It was the start of an entirely new experiment for her analytical mind.Like every other project she tackled, it began with research before she could launch her plan.What she discovered scared her: a bucket list of 50 sex acts to enjoy before dying…a sexual bucket list.Her numbers…were low.Though she had always imagined that she would experiment more with Fallon, he never seemed the least bit interested in exploring her erotic side.In that moment, she vowed to complete the list, with or without him, and find her own way to be happy…since that would be sweet revenge.