I decided to read the book "Summer of Sabotage" because
the season- summer has gone and I thought this book
would give me a flashback of how much fun I had playing
pranks on my family and friends.

It doesn’t look like a baby book! In fact, the cover kinda
creeps me out a little! This is a great mystery book about
a water park where strange accidents keep happening.

The book interested me because the cover of the picture
had a splash of water and a pinch of blood on it and
also it was like detective work to me and I wanted to
solve the mystery and investigate.

On the bingo board this book covers the category of a
“male main character” featured in the story. I was
interested to read this book because it made me think
twice before going on the hydro slides, public swimming
and knowing my swimming limits.

Something I learned from this book was that, when you’re
in the water you must always act and be safe. Also Buddy
up! That's what swimming instructors say. Always swim
with a partner, every time because when people swim
together,they can help each other or ask for help in case
of an emergency.

The character that interested me the most was Janie because,
if there was an accident she would always be ready and quick
in action as if she knew that there was going to be one.
It looked like she had eyes at the back of her head or she
could predict what was going to happen in the future.