When dominant Meredith takes her submissive husband Bill to Wonderland, the sleaziest sex club in town, she knows just what she wants: to see Bill's slutty alter-ego "Belinda" suck cock at one of Wonderland's glory holes. Meredith wants to teach her husband how to be a horny little cocksucker.

On his wife's leash and dressed up like the slut he so desperately wants to be, "Belinda" can hardly say no. Especially when Meredith leads by example, lowering her head at the altar of the glory hole and sucking the big, uncut black cock that slides through!

The feminized sissy husband submissively watches his wife sucking a faceless stranger's cock, and gets rock-hard in his panties! Obediently holding his wife's hair out of the way, "Belinda" has a great view of his wife's first sloppy, cream-filled blowjob. Soon enough, he knows it'll be his turn...

"Wonderland" is an explicit story of erotic female domination 6,350 words long. It features forced feminization, public erotic humiliation, BDSM, bondage, discipline, public sex, forced male bisexuality and other sexual variations. Please do not sample, buy or read it if you might find such themes offensive.