A highly intuitive mother gets psychic hits about the kids next door, and she thinks she’s going crazy. She's not, but her doubt doesn’t stop a clock that’s ticking toward disaster.

Chantal and Marc Gladstone run away to a majestic seaside home on England’s south coast: Chantal wants to heal childhood memories. But running away has its own problems. At his new job Marc faces a crooked boss and feelings for a colleague who’s a professional mistress. Chantal can’t get over the idea their new house is haunted and there’s something terribly wrong with the children next door.

One of the girls is Jules, a tomboy who’s home-schooled in a cloistered atmosphere that makes her feel like an octopus in a jar. She speaks Sah-fay, a secret language, with her twin.
Jules suspects that her family has invented a lie that is making her ill, but she’s trapped by her suffocating parents who’ve warned her off from making friends.

Chantal might think she’s going crazy. But if she doesn’t take her intuitions seriously she will never free the twins into their true destinies.