Rohan is a 24-year senior portfolio manager in New York City. The youngest to hold his position, he is thrilled when his superiors assign him to The Residences: a luxury residential tower on prime Manhattan real-estate. If he can manage their finances well, his career will soar further.

Marcus is the city's 28-year-old celebrity architect and interior designer, who has been given the project of his life: The Residences. Despite his fame, this is his first high-rise construct, and if he fails to deliver, his reputation and career will be ruined.

Money counters and dreamers rarely get along. So it doesn't bode well when these two's first meeting happens at a bar brawl - and Rohan kicks Marcus' ass. Imagine their surprise the next day when they were introduced at The Residences and realize that they have to work with each other!

Despite their mutual animosity, however, sexual sparks fly between the two men. But can Rohan and Marcus resolve their differences long enough to get the project done? Or will The Residences - and their romance - remain UNDER CONSTRUCTION forever?