The Fall 1977 issue of Ploughshares, guest-edited by James Randall. Ploughshares, a journal of new writing, is guest-edited serially by prominent writers who explore different personal visions, aesthetics, and literary circles.

Table of Contents

"Vigilance," by John Irving
"Getting It On," by Anne Bernays
"Religious Instructions," by Jack Pulaski
"Snow Geese," by Wendy Lamb

"An Interview with Bill Knott," by James Randall
"For Bill Knott: In Celebration and Anticipation of His Selected/Collected Poems," by Thomas Lux

Bill Knott
Jim Harrison
Larry Levis
Thomas Lux
Charles Simic
Richard Lourie
William Doreski
John Ashbery
Tim Reynolds
Kenneth Rexroth
Richard Tillinghast
Anne S. Perlman
Peter Wild
Miriam Levine
Gail Mazur
Ruth Lepson
Lyn Lifshin
Thomas McAfee
Harold Bond
Jean Burden
Leo Connellan
Michael Waters
Cleopatra Mathis
Kim Frielich
Marcia Southwick
David Leviten
Mary Marta Anderson
John Mahnke
Peggy Janey
Sue Standing
Donna Gordon
Anneliese Wagner
Steve Blevins
Janet Thomas
Julianne Gavin
Anne Barbernitz
Dianne Marcotti
Denis Leary
Stephen Collins
Kevin Kusinitz