I am another reader whose life was changed by reading this book. I tripped over this dense tome in my searching (half-crazed) teenage phase of life. I think that is the only explanation for how I was able to slough through it. If I had first come across this today there is no way I would give it the time. Someone needs to do a condensed 200 page version. A copy has travelled with me in my life helping me to joyfully reach 56 years of age. Each time I think about a problem in my life or in the world I remember what I learned in this book.

In addition to the other factors making this book a difficult read is the author's application of mathematics and physics to explain, illustrate and justify his concepts. So in addition to the difficulty of the concepts, in themselves, is the additional issue of following arguments based in math and physics, which 99% of us don't like wrapping our brains around. I was lucky I enjoy reading about math and physics, while not having studied much of the subjects in school.

I consider this book the most valuable member of my book collection, and it has profoundly influenced many aspects of my life.