I hated this book. It's only 30 pages and it made me throw it to the floor. The book is called I Wonder Why Pyramids Were Built, but the book never gave information on how the pyramids were actually built. Plus, the pyramids were only focused on for two pages of the book!

The rest of this focused on the rich people and how "cool" they were. Putting down poor people by saying they were nobodys! This may have been true IN ANCIENT EGYPT, but it was phrased so badly. I really disliked that the author gave their own opinions on everything, for example: saying that if you want to look good, put on make up! And "The Egyptians might have spent a lot of time building tombs, but they weren't a miserable lot!" First of all, you do not use the word "might" in a fact book. That's like saying: MAYBE the pyramids were tombs, but they were big! Second of all, giving your opinion as an author, in a non fictional book and calling what the ancient egyptians did for their kings miserable...it's just plain rude! Dead or not.

In conclusion, this is not a good factual book on ancient Egypt for kids, because the author leaves their opinions ("Who looks really cool?") and assumes things about the egyptians lives ("...they weren't a miserable lot!" and it does not explain what some things are, ("Egypt is a very hot country,..." How hot?!) and what is natron? Explain! Also, this book is not long enough to give young children (especially young children) a good idea about how it was to live in ancient Egypt! 30 fricking pages of how amazing the rich people were back then and all that they could do. Where's the shredder?