C.S. Lewis meets CSI…when Amazon Bestselling author Michael Angel presents a brand new fantasy series: ‘Fantasy & Forensics’.

She solved the murder of a king. The day Dayna Chrissie, the leading Crime Scene Analyst for the LAPD, was magically transported to the land of Andeluvia, her skills were put to the ultimate test. With war about to break out between the Human and Centaur Kingdom, her forensic skill was all that stopped a conflict that would have devastated both lands.

But now she faces a new challenge. The magical deer of the Fayleene have tasked her friend Prince Liam with proving his worth – by protecting them from Sirrahon, an ancient stone dragon with the nastiest disposition in all recorded history.

She’ll put her life on the line for a friend! So will a centaur wizard, a griffin warrior, and a nightmare delivering pooka with a crippling problem preventing him from doing his job!. But with a bloodthirsty dragon, hostile medieval lords, and a deranged police chief stacked against her, the odds don’t look promising.

Especially when an older, mysterious enemy threatens to resurface and engulf everyone in a cycle of killing and vengeance!

Books in the ‘Fantasy & Forensics’ Series:
Centaur of the Crime – also available on Amazon
The Deer Prince’s Murder
Grand Theft Griffin (Coming 2015)

Included with this story is a preview of the comedic fantasy story, Never Mind the Princess, Save the Dragon.

Reviews of ‘Fantasy & Forensics’:

“Angel manages the nearly impossible...creating memorable characters in the midst of an intriguing mystery, action, humor and heart.”
— JC Andrijeski, Bestselling Author of the Allie’s War series.

"This clever, humorous fantasy springs to life from page one..."
— Publisher's Weekly

“Fast-paced action and sly wit make Angel’s writing irresistible fun.” — Rebecca Moesta, NYT Bestselling co-author of Young Jedi Knights