Step aside, Nancy Drew, and watch out, Hardy Boys! Join Susan Slutt, the greatest girl detective since the invention of sanitary pads, her best friend Ashleigh, her adopted sister Butch, her fey pal Beverly Francis Bold, those intrepid and hard-partying Baccardi Boys Frank and Joe, and a whole cast of queer adventurers as Susan solves "The Clue in the Princess Dairy."Susan Slutt must locate a missing woman to help her adopted sister butch find out her true family roots! But it's not easy to find a missing woman when every man she meets seems to be dressed in drag! Can Susan reunite Butch with her loved ones — and get her out of the Slutt family manse — before it's too late?Though this story is part of an ongoing series, it can be read on its own. If you've never read any Susan Slutt stories before, why not start with this one? With its bawdy and irreverent humor, queer subtext and sexual innuendos, you won't be sorry!Note: This story appears in the print collection "Susan Slutt, Girl Dick.