Now, I have been reading many “Garfield” comics lately (and why not, I am a huge fan of the lovable yet rude and sarcastic orange fur ball after all) and so far, I have been enjoying every one of those comics!So, I finally just recently read “Garfield Will Eat for Food,” which is the forty-eighth volume of the “Garfield” comics and man, Jim Davis just continues to deliver even more witty humor than ever before!

What is this story about?

Basically, this volume still details the adventures of Garfield, Odie and Jon as we still see Garfield making snarky remarks about Jon and Odie’s odd behaviors.But as an added bonus, this volume also details Jon’s futile efforts in trying to find a date when he finally lands one with an unsuspecting woman!

What I loved about this story:

Jim Davis’ writing: As usual, Jim Davis’ writing is the pure perfection of this comic book series as Garfield continues to be just as witty and sarcastic in his remarks towards Jon and Odie’s bizarre mannerisms as he had in his previous comics!I loved the fact that we continue to see Garfield making witty observations on his weird life as it is amusing and hilarious to look at!But, what I really loved about this volume was the fact that Jim Davis focused most of the volume on Jon trying to find the right girl for him and it was interesting seeing how Jon keeps on being put down by various women throughout this volume as I did felt a bit sorry for Jon not being able to find a girlfriend who can handle his weird habits.I also enjoyed Liz the veterinarian’s appearance in this volume as she turns things around for Garfield, Jon and Odie, when she meets Jon and it was great seeing that Liz was one of the few women who can handle Jon’s weird personality and I loved seeing that chemistry between Jon and Liz.

Jim Davis’ artwork:As usual, Jim Davis’ artwork is hilarious and creative to look at and Garfield continues to be a truly unique and iconic character in newspaper comics due to his appearance.I always loved how Garfield is always drawn as a fat orange cat as it makes him look so unique and I always loved the scenes where he is either sleeping, jumping around or running across the pages as it is hilarious watching him perform all of those activities despite how lazy he can get.


Final Thoughts:

Overall, “Garfield Will Eat for Food” is a fantastic collection of some of Garfield’s best adventures and anyone who is a huge fan of Jim Davis’ “Garfield” comics should definitely pick this volume up!

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