Bayeux Tapestry; Feudal Society in Orderic Vitalis; Sacre des rois Anglo-Normands et Angevins; Defeated Anglo-Saxons Take Service with the Eastern Emperor; Anglo-Saxon Warfare on the Eve of the Conquest; Norman Military Revolution in England; Crusading Warfare 1092-1130; Norman Conquest: 1066, 1106, 1154? Domesday Book; Norman Settlement in Wales; English Royal Succession 860-1066; 11c Romanesque Sculpture. N.P. BROOKS, M. CHIBNALL, R. FOREVILLE, J. GODFREY, N. HOOPER, D. COOK, R. HILL, J.H.LE PATOUREL, H.R. LOYN, D. WALKER, A. WILLIAMS, G. ZARNECKI. 48 plates, figs.