Having circumnavigated the globe from west to eastin Aroundthe World in 80 Days, Michael Palin proceeded tostretch even his endurance with his next journey,travelling due south from the North Pole, arriving fivemonths later at the southernmost point of the globe, theSouth Pole. The result is Pole to Pole, Palin'saccount of his extraordinary journey between July andDecember 1991, passing through 17 countries from Greenlandand the former Soviet Union in the north to Kenya, SouthAfrica and Chile in the south.

From the frozen wastes of both poles, to the scorchingheat of Africa, Pole to Pole is a travelogue ofbizarre extremes. Palin revels in the surrealism of it allas he travels through a range of vastly different Europeanand African communities undergoing massive social andpolitical upheavals in the aftermath of the fall of theBerlin Wall. Palin's shrewd observations are as everinterspersed with his eye for the weird and the comical, ashe meets Santa Claus and Lenin, goes shopping for camels inOmdurman, and makes a final hectic dash to the South Polevia Chile. It's all quite exhausting! —JerryBrotton