This book is about the life of one of the world's best baseball players. This book follows Clemente from the time he was born in Bario San Anton in Carolina, Puerto Rico to the time he died in a plane crash. He died on a rescue mission for Nicaragua's people who suffered from and earthquake. This came right after he hit is 3,000 ball in the season of 1972. I believe Walker was trying to put people in the time of Clemente showing how good of a ball player he was as well as how great of a man he was. Walker also was trying to show what the true meaning of life is showing it is not all about fame but giving back. Clemente demonstrates this paying the ultimate price helping out other people.

I really enjoyed this book because of all of the details such as "the minimum major-league salary of $6000". I thought that it was amazing how the author could find the average salary for a rookie ball player at that time. This is why in my opinion the book is separated from all of the other Clemente autobiography s making the book so good. The main theme of this book was show both sides of Roberto Clemente. The two sides are his baseball life being one of the best of all time. The other side of Clemente is how he gives back to the world leaving no one behind.