This collection deserves a four star rating simply because of 'Deus Ex Machina' and 'Memories of the Decadence' (though 'Eclipse Chasing' gets an honourable mention!)

The opening story, 'Bodywork', suffers from an intolerably smug narrator (though, I suppose, disliking this character is probably part of the point), and it's bookend, 'Godmachine (TM) V.1.0.4' might have been clever if the reader could get past the terribly modern and witty format - it is written in the style of a technical manual - in order to actually read it.

Despite my qualms with these two stories, the middle three are quite wonderful, especially 'Deus Ex Machina', and I warmly recommend this collection. This is my first experience with Hari Kunzru, and has convinced me to seek out more of his work.