Men have failed.The fictional character of Peter Pan, and his eternal flight of fancy in Neverland, along with the mantra, “Never grow up,” has done great damage to the male psyche.The United States is populated with man children who have neglected their call to lead a life worthy of record.Families are broken.Mothers have been abandoned.Children are fatherless.Leaders are failing to lead. The world of men has become spiritually bankrupt.

Third Option Men (TOM) vows to change this reality.Through a coordinated, multi-faceted approach, TOM plans to win back the hearts and minds of men.This isn’t chauvinism.This isn’t Cro-Magnon, hairy-skinned, chest beating.This is real change, in a real world.

War Room: A Combat Guide to Men’s Ministry is not only a vital resource for men who desperately long to be validated, but the in-your-face style in which it was written will be a welcome relief in a world full of “politically correct” essays that produce little change.