In this manual we address the second phase of player development - Plus 2. We provide activities and sessions that transition players between Plus 1 to Plus 2 and from Plus 2 to Plus 3 stages of player development. The typical age range for Plus 2 is 6-8 years old. Features of this manual include: *Developmentally appropriate activities. *Sessions organized for 8, 10 and 12 week seasons. *Session plans with graphics. *Activities and sessions presented in two phases: 1) Early to Mid and 2) Mid to Late. *End of stage assessment activities. *Skills Challenge Pyramid(tm) for Plus 2 - 10 skills to assess players and activate their interest at home. *6 different seasonal training schedules to offer maximum flexibility for coaches. *Performance standards - competency benchmarks (what players need to learn, when to learn it and how to coach to performance expectations). *Comprehensive player assessment. *Practical description of player development and a survey to measure the 'player development appropriateness' of a soccer program. Great youth soccer coaches have talent to balance education and fun in creating a positive and rewarding learning environment. In the Coaching for Development Series, we outline the blueprint for coaching success. In easy to understand guidebooks, we navigate a novice and experienced coaches through the complexities of 'true' player development.