This is an amazing French play, set in Greek folk lore, that was first performed in 1677.It uses language so beautifully, has a wonderful story and gripping plot.It feels like a modern play with imagery so vivid and character themes still relevant today.

Here is a memorable segment describing the effects of love on Hippolytus:

"I who, contemptuous of the emotional life,
despised the victims of its amorous strife
and, pitying lesser mortals' turmoil, swore
always to watch their shipwrecks from the shore,
now find myself a victim like the rest,
my ship blown from its course by the same tempest!
One glance destroyed my frivolous self-control;
obedience reigns in my hubristic soul.
These last six months, ashamed and desperate,
I've trailed around the shaft that tears my heart,
wrestling with you and with my own despair.
I shun you and I find you everywhere.
Your face confronts me even in the darkest wood;
daylight and night-time, both, combine to flood
my brain with images I can't ignore;
all things conspire to place me in your power."

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