Dhandapani Jayakanthan, otherwise known as 'JK' among his friends and comrades,is a multi-dimensional personality, well known in the literary circle as a prolific-writer, commentator, pamphleteer, film-maker and critic. He has won acclaim for wielding his pen against social injustices and economic inequality.

A school drop-out after Standard V, he left his hometown and landed in the office of undivided Communist Party of India in Chennai.It became his university where he gained knowledge in various fields: World literature, Culture, Politics, economics and journalism.

His first short story appeared in 1953 and he has never looked back since then.
His writings reflect his views on the morals, ethics and the societalnorms as a whole. His writings are vivid portrayals of life and relationships, with all the intricacies and beauty of reality, and with a profound love for the humanity.He is one among the few of the original writers of the Tamil Literature.

His famous trilogy dealing with human relationships comprises 'Agnipravesam', 'Silanerangalil Sila Manithargal', and 'Gangai Enge Pogiral'.On the non-fiction side, his works such as 'Oru Ilakkiyavaathiyin Arasiyal Anubhavangal', 'Oru Ilakkiyavaathiyin Kalaiyulaga Anubhavangal' have wide acclaim.

A man of insight, pride and scholarship whose writings expressed with unparalleled courage and utmost honesty speaks for all the generations to come.

A winner of Sahitya Acadamy Award and Fellowship, Jnanpith Award, Soviet Land Nehru Award, the Russian Federation's order of Friendship and the Padma bhushan.