Erotica Romantic Suspense, Menage, MFM, Werewolves, light BDSM

All Elena Sanchez wanted was to get on the plane to Costa Rica and visit her parents. Instead, when she’s told they need to search her, she ends up being drugged and caged by a sadistic bastard who plans on selling her virgin body to the highest bidder.

Two Pack members, Clay Demmers and Dirk Tilton, learn that Elena, Harvey Couch’s former secretary, is a target in a human trafficking scheme. They go undercover and bid for her. As soon as they see her, they know she’s their mate. More determined than ever to save her, they end up buying her, but at what cost?

Elena doesn’t know who to trust. They tell her they’re werewolves, but is that any better than being sold into slavery to humans? With care, Clay and Dirk teach her how to embrace her submissive ways. The problem is this good Catholic girl likes it. Will the guilt from her upbringing prevent her from having the best ménage relationship possible or can she find a way to have both?