Bring out the very best in your young players with these effective and fun soccer drills Drills are essential. The groundwork of every great play, they hone existing skills and get to the heart of any problem. Challenging and exciting, with the right attitude drills can also be a lot of fun. Written by an expert youth-soccer coach with more than twenty-five years of experience on the field, this exhaustive collection provides all the drills you need to bring your players to the next level—and have fun doing it. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coach, 101 Great Youth Soccer Drills will be your helpful assistant at every practice. The drills in this book are illustrated to show you each step along the way. Easy to follow and to find, each drill lets you to teach what you need when you need it, allowing you to design your own training program based on the level of your players. Filled with energy, these drills are guaranteed to improve your players' skills in such areas as: Passing Trapping Heading the ball Shielding the ball from defenders Dribbling and juggling Protecting the goal Shooting to score Mastering their positions And much more Designed for daily use, this handy encyclopedia of drills will be a faithful companion on your journey from Coach Mom or Dad to true soccer expert. You won't want to step on the practice field without it.