The zombie apocalypse has broken out in the west and is rapidly sweeping towards the east. Up to this point the government has felt that by telling the people it would cause mass panic and rioting. After many meetings with high level generals and staff the president has ordered a plan into effect. The plan calls for martial law to be declared and all of the armed forces to return home from combat missions and deployments abroad. Many hours are spent planning and debating what should be done about this new threat to the American people and how to eradicate it. Operation Eagles Talon is developed and the Joint Zombie Response Force is born. The new force is a combination of Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard troops with one general appointed Supreme Commander of the J.Z.R.F. This is the first publication in the Apocalypse Book Series. The manual is a military style manual that is written from the government's view point on how to handle a Zombie outbreak that has already swept over most of the Western United States. In the back of the manual there is survival techniques that anyone can use for all kinds of survival situations to include; Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and of course the zombie apocalypse. The entire series meshes together and is well planned out. March 17th - First patient reports attack and bitten at hospital in Portland, OR; 19th - Portland, OR hospitals report numerous bite attacks; Portland police report after firing 20 rounds into an uncompliant suspect had to shoot in head to take down. 21st - Portland, OR hospitals overwhelmed with bite attacks; 29th - Other Oregon cities reporting bite attacks; - Portland has large civil unrest people walking the streets attacking others; April 1st - CDC sends research team to Portland to figure out infection; 2nd - Washington and Northern California first reports of attacks and bites; 4th - Portland total loss no communication, all roads blocked in and out. - Southern California, Idah