How Well Do You Know The Rules Of Golf? It's a stroke play tournament and there's a wait on the first tee. A player in the next group to start passes time by chipping a couple of balls onto the tee. Is there a penalty? If so, what is it?

In a match, A's ball is near the hole, but he doesn't mark and lift it. His opponent B putts. B's ball strikes that of A, and A's ball goes into the hole. What's the ruling?

A player's ball is plugged in a bunker, one inch in front of his opponent's ball. The player marks and lifts his ball. The opponent blasts and, of course, the player's lie is altered. What does the player do?

In a match, A starts with 15 clubs in his bag by mistake. He wins the first three holes and, walking to the fourth tee, he discovers his error. How does the match stand now?

A ball lies just outside a bunker. A loose impediment in the bunker interferes with the player's stroke. Is the player entitled to remove it?

A white line defines an area of ground under repair. A ball lies on the white line, but no part of the ball lies over the inside edge of the line. Is the ball considered to be in ground under repair?

A ball lies in the rough. The player removes a twig that lies about six inches behind the ball. The ball does not move. A few seconds later, as the player is selecting a club, a gust of wind causes the ball to move. Does the player incur a penalty?

Learn how to answer these and virtually every question on the Rules of Golf with 1993 Ryder Cup captain, 1982 U.S. Open champion— and the 1980s Player of the Decade— Tom Watson.