I re-read this fine book recently. I'd quite forgotten how Pettson originally acquired Findus! It starts off when he's having coffee with his neighbour and complains that he's feeling lonely.

"You need a wife!" says the neighbour, a sprightly old lady.

"Nah," says Pettson. "I'm used to living on my own. I wouldn't know what to do with a woman." (He actually says en hel tant, which is much funnier, but I can't think how to translate that). "A cat would be nice though."

A couple of days later, the neighbour comes back with a box marked "FINDUS GRÖNA ÄRTER". There's a kitten inside. Findus is the leading Swedish frozen-food company, and gröna ärter is peas, so this is basically "BIRDS EYE PEAS". But Pettson, who as you can see inPannkakstårtan is very logical, decides that it must be the kitten's name...