Hitting a baseball is one of the single most difficult tasks in all of sports. Unlike hitting a golf ball a professional baseball player has a fraction of a second to hit a ball that can move at speeds over 100 miles per hour and may also be dropping, rising, curving or a combination of all. Hitting a baseball is a science. Therefore the all time baseball great, Ted Williams, book on hitting titled: The Science of Hitting is named appropriately.
This book does not endeavor to take on every aspect of hitting. Books such as the fore mentioned by Ted Williams are an excellent source for learning how to hit a baseball. This book will look at one aspect of hitting a baseball. This aspect is simply how to hold the baseball bat also known as the batting grip.
As simple as this may seem, I believe that if a player adjusts this part of his or her hitting style alone, he or she will profoundly impact his or her success of hitting a baseball. I believe the player who implements what he or she learns in this book could double his or her batting average and the amount of homeruns he or she hits. You may scoff at what I am stating but that is exactly why more people do not use this grip. You can go ahead and use your old grip and leave the other grip for the likes of Miguel Cabrera, Pudge Rodriguez, Maglio Ordonez, and Albert Pujols.