EARTH 2788 - The Earth Girl Short Stories

This set of prequel short stories is now complete. You can read all eight stories for free on the author's website,

Each story features one of the characters in the EARTH GIRL trilogy, giving you a glimpse into their background. These stories can be read either before or after reading the EARTH GIRL books.

These people live on very different worlds with very different cultures, but in the year 2788 they all reach a turning point in their lives. These are the people who are destined to go to Earth, and get caught up in one girl’s fight for acceptance. A fight that will change Earth forever.

Cover art by Alex Storer/

EARTH 2788 -The title short story that takes place five months before Earth Girl. Jarra and Isette secretly visit a place that's off-limits for them and get a glimpse at the galaxy.

ALPHA SECTOR 2788 - Short story. It's Dalmora's 18th birthday.

BETA SECTOR 2788 - A novelette. Lolia's life is falling apart.

GAMMA SECTOR 2788 -Short story. Krath's life is literally on the scrap heap.

DELTA SECTOR 2788 - Short story. Fian's father is planning his life for him, but Fian has his own ideas.

EPSILON SECTOR 2788 - Short story. On frontier planet Miranda, Amalie is expected to marry at 17.

KAPPA SECTOR 2788 - A novelette. Colonel Riak Torrek is about to retire.

ZETA SECTOR 2788- A novelette. The heroic Major Drago Tell Dramis has finally found something that scares him.