Lorne Greene and Westerns. Andy Griffith and Comedy. Vincent Price and Mystery. Cicely Tyson and Love & Hate. Leonard Nimoy and Adventure. Only one Radio Program boasted this line up and lived up to it. And its 20 final episodes have been collected in Mutual Radio Theater, Volume 5 from Radio Archives!

An entry in the comeback of radio drama in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Mutual Radio Theater provided new and amazing shows five nights a week for its entire run. Written by leading names in radio, Mutual Radio Theater also sported something that every show needs to succeed. Star power. And that didn’t stop with the nightly hosts.

The shows were peopled with stars from both classic radio and modern television and movies. Names from the golden era of radio drama included John Dehner, Vic Perrin, Hans Conried, Marvin Miller, Parley Baer, Elliot Lewis, Jeff Corey, Virginia Gregg, and Lurene Tuttle. Modern entertainment lent some of its best talent as well to Mutual Radio Theater, including Tom Bosley, Marian Ross, Lloyd Bochner, Rick Jason, Frank Campanella, Toni Tennille, Arthur Hill, and Jesse White.

The final volume from Radio Archives, Mutual Radio Theater, Volume 5 is a 20 CD set of programs as they originally aired, complete and uncut, with original commercials, and produced in full stereo-high fidelity. Thrills, chills, laughs, tears, and more. Radio Mutual Theater, Volume 5 is a star studded finale to a truly classic collection!

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