A novel resource which is sure to become popular with primary school teachers' - "Special "

This package is intended to support both the teaching of social skills and development of a vocabulary needed to function both in school and at home. It recognizes the influence that social skills have upon learning and has clear links to target-setting and the development of success criteria. The pack is supported by two glove puppets which engage pupils' interest and interaction. It consists of twenty sessions, each focusing on a specific skill with ideas to encourage follow-up work. Each lesson describes a scenario using the puppets and then uses role-play, discussion and a practical activity to draw out and reinforce the key objectives.

Anyone who is committed to the development of the whole child will welcome this resource' - "SNIP


This publication from Tin Rae is a social skills programme for Key Stage 1 pupils. It is designed to teach pupils in the primary phase the basic social skills and the emotional vocabulary that they will need in order to function appropriately in both the school and home context.

Using two puppets, supplied in kit form, the stories tell of two young cats; one has just started school and the other is looking forward to it.

The scripts and activities provide a series of lesson plans to teach young people how to interact socially with their peers, something we expect from them but often fail to teach.

This programme is delightful. Children, parents and teachers will love it.

Puppet kit included.