Ok so if you know me you know I am a HUGE Kate Douglas Fan. I have all her stuff (some of it signed teehee) I buy whatever she puts out as soon as it comes out even though I may have beta read it or received an ARC... DOES NOT MATTER... she writes it, I buy it ;-)

I was so sad to see her Wolf Tales series end because you can read that series and see her progression from an erotica author to an author that writes amazing stories that happen to have lots and lots of steamy HOT sex. So this book made me ecstatic because it is written the same way. In Dream Bound we get that same feeling of love with our extremely hot love scenes.

MacArthur Dugan or "Mac" has spent the last twenty years and 60 million dollars building a facility to rescue his lost love Zianne from her prisonin a spaceship hiding behind our moon. Mac recruits 6 professionals to bring them to the facility in hopes of getting them to project their sexual fantasies into space, thus enabling the Nyriansto take form and contact them. I am really not doing this story any justice there is so much more to it but I don't want to give anything away.

What you need to know is this is an amazing story that has characters with depth. But also it is sexy as all get out. We have the master Douglas to write us some sizzling encounters. In this particular one you get a m/m,m/m/f, m/f/m and they are all toe curling erotic.

What did catch me off guard was her amazing cliffhanger, I don't remember her doing that to much to me!!! Now I am impatiently eagerly waiting for Dream Unchained. *hint hint*

This one gets my top Rating the "Super Smooch" it has all the elements I love in an erotica novel.

Recommended for Adults who enjoy erotica with some same sex relationships.

And here is my Mac....

Bradley Cooper, yummy!

Stalk Kate! She is really fun to communicate with....

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Also check out Dream Unbound on the publishers site it has all the information you need to go get yourself a copy!

P.S. I do have a signed copy from Kate to giveaway BUT Diva Karla (who I have turned into a massive Kate fan! Yay!) has commandeered and claimed this copy so.... it's going to Mexico where she promises to read it right away, review it, and then list it for a giveaway ;-)Follow the PBD blog and watch for it ;-)

P.S.S Kate I heart You! Love the proof for Dream Unchained.... now I am dreaming of the next one!!!!



*wispers* One more thing I just finished beta reading the 2nd generation Wolf Tales series and it is so freaking wicked awesome!!!!!