-Romance Short Story-

*One of the Best Romantic Reads in Kindle*

This time. Jessica Evans brings you an unforgettable romance comedy in "My Scandalous Boss : Romance Alpha Male", her latest romance humor about the romantic lovers which will keep you reading until the last page.

Jennifer Paxton has an unbelievably messy life. To top it all off, she just lost her job. Jobless and loveless in her early thirthies, Jennifer is surprised when a chance encounter with a womanizer named Rob leads her to a new job, and maybe just a new life.

Her playboy boss might be fooling Jennifer, but he can’t fool himself. After years of being a playboy, Rob can’t imagine actually settling down. Night after night, Rob finds new women to appease his desires, while Jennifer cleans up his dangerous trend of date juggling. Yet somewhere, underneath it all, there might just be a spark of love between them. Will Jennifer and Rob grow closer through the hordes of women? Or will Rob ruin his chances at true love by keeping to his old ways and not showing his love for her?

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