Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!
I actually liked this volume of Cactus's Secret a little bit. Even though it started off stupid. Miku agrees to go on a date with Weird Stalker Guy, so that she can get her phone back and find out "Kyohei Fujioka's secret". First of all, didn't her parents teach her not to talk to strangers, much less go on DATES with strangers? I don't care that he has your phone and supposedly knows something about your crush. Miku, report him to the police right now!
Of course, the characters in the manga can't here me when I yell at them, so when I yelled at the this time, it made no difference. Luckily, when WSG (who's name is supposedly Kudo, but at that point I still wasn't taking anything that came out of his mouth seriously)started to get a little overly weird and stalkerish, Miku had the sense to walk out on her bizarre date. Skip forward, and Miku runs into 'Kudo' again, at a gas station. By this time Fujioka has found out that Miku was seen on a date with another guy, and Miku is so overcome with frustration that, awww, she starts to cry, and Mr WSG Kudo reaches out and hugs her to comfort her. Considering the fact that Miku is in the top 30 students gradeswise, I don't think she's very smart, because instead of screaming for passers-by to call the police and report sexual harrassment, she simply squirms and tells him to let go. That's when Fukioka walks in. Skip some more, and we find out that Kudo the Weird Stalker Guy is actually Kudo FUJIOKA the Weird Stalker Guy, Kyohei's older brother. Wow. That was unexpected. Skip, skip, skip some more, and Miku and Kyohei are a couple, Miku's grades have dropped, and they're starting to think about what they're going to do after school. Or, Miku is thinking about her future and trying to get Kyohei to 'get around to' thinking about his future.
Believe it or not, this book is actually alot better than all of the others in the series. Despite Weird Stalker Guy. But I still don't recommend the series. A 3rd book in a series that just so happens to be a little bit more okay than the rest of the series does not make that series worthwhile.