Written in a vivid, first-person narrative that sweeps the reader along, this bold novel introduces Barbara who has it all. So why is she sunk in an abyss of depression? Hisghly engaging and curiously reassuring, new author Harrie Rose takes us on a fascinating, timely sojourn into the complexities of psychiatry from its necessity to its dangers.

Rose examines what happens when patient and therapists are mutually attracted, both in ethics and in treatment. Why does Alex, 35 years old, pressure Barbara to end her long marriage? Is Alex testing his power over Barbara? Or is her marriage part of her problem?

As she embarks on an incredible journey of self-awareness, uncovering the lies she has lived by, Barbara's world opens like the glowers she nurtures in her gardens.

Barbara's journey is relevant to anyone of any age. It's not just a novel about getting old. Nor is just a novel about a May-December romance. Nor is it a novel just abolut women. Its theme is the universal one of how we see ourselves and how that affects the way we live our lives.