With the demise of King Arthur, Merlin - who remains imprisoned, resorted to recruit a band of new adventurers to save Camelot. In this Volume of short stories, the heroes – Knight Aubriet, Makidon Tosham, Galan Estella and Mage Riadok have been summoned by Merlin to quest for the lost Articles of the ‘Armor of Light’. The enigmatic Tower of Dreams and its guardian Sheja aided the heroes’ journey immensely.

To the elven forest of Whitewood went Sir Aubriet, to seek that which the elves called the Blade of Elements. Read how Aubriet faced the various tests and the four elements of fire, water, earth and wind in this story. To the lands between the empire of Talmissra and the kingdom of Tarntora went Tosham the makidon, in search of the Enchanted Chainmail. Read about his encounter with the Necromancers and how he battled with long dead stone-statues.

To the lonely magical isle of Sheyke went Galan Estella, in search of the Sandals of Light. On this strange isle did the High Priestess find herself forced into a painful decision, for without the magic of the Sandals, the tiny island would sink. Only the phoenix who lived in a mountain cave on the island could save it; and how she persuaded the phoenix and accomplished her task. And to the lonely ruins that surrounded the great Flying Tower of Macherras went the affable young mage Riadok, in search of the Girdle of Light. There the Centaur minion awaited him, and read how Riadok overcame the enigmatic Stairs of Truth, and defeat the hideous gorgon Medusa, in return for his prize.

Thereafter, three other more challenging quests await, and the heroes needed to team to stand any chance at overcoming the odds.