Take one Hentai-devouring, porn-watching virgin. That’s me, in case you are wondering. My name is Suzie.

Add in a disgruntled ex-boyfriend, intent on vengeance. Larry the Lizard.

Include a gorgeous, two-dicked alien who chases every sexual experience the universe has to offer. His real name is unpronounceable, so I call him Bob.

Toss in some other characters. Women with tails. A pair of tentacle monsters. One smart-ass dragon.

These are the stories of my adventures.


The Adventures of Suzie and the Alien box-set contains the following stories:

Volume 1: The Alien, the Doctor and the Virgin (Alien Medical Play Erotica)
Volume 2: The Alien Trains the Virgin (Alien BDSM Erotica)
Volume 3: The Alien, the Virgin and the Warrior Queen (Alien BDSM Ménage Erotica)
Volume 4: Tentacle Monsters and the Virgin (Alien Tentacle Erotica)
Volume 5: The Virgin Returns Home (Alien BDSM Ménage Erotica)