Egypt's ancient gods are awakened by a boy who catches them inside his drawings. But are they on his side or against him?

At the base to the Valley of the Kings in ancient Egypt lies a craftsmen's village. For centuries, its people have painted the tombs of kings. No outsiders have been allowed to join their ranks. But now, their ranks are dwindling. They desperately need an apprentice. On a nearby farm, Ramses, an orphan with a strange skill, believes he is destined to go there. Ramses has a magic talent for catching the gods inside his drawings. He must fight to understand his frightening powers. He must struggle against the people sworn to care for him, against hundreds of years of tradition, against the gods themselves, to fulfill his destiny.

A magical, feel good story about one boy's struggle against terrible odds.

"Spine tingling!"

A story of family, rejection and triumph as an orphan fights to fulfill a destiny his caretakers refuse to recognize.