The Granny Killer was one of the earliest serial killers I remember hearing about as a kid. I don't remember the details of his 'reign of terror' but I remember news items warning old women in Mosman to be careful and police making statements to the media. When he was caught I remember thinking how he looked like a lot of old grey haired men that lived in my Sydney suburb.

Glover is a disturbing insight into the mind of the psychopathic personality who is linked to or suspected of well over 10 brutal murders of old women spanning from 1957 to 1990, not to mention the rape/assault spree of old women in the Central coast during the 1970's-1980's. There are some really disturbing details in this book that maybe I didn't need to know.

This book is not only a tale of a serial granny killer but also and insight into the incompetence and stupidity of the Police force. Seriously, police sat outside the last victims house for over 7 hours whilst Glover beat her to death and tried to commit suicide. Their response for the 'over sight' 'uh, well, she wasn't in his usual age bracket' Oh, ok, but she was a woman right? He was getting all edgy because you were closing in right? You noticed a leather bag in his hand right? You knew he liked to beat women about the head right? Jesus christ, I can't believe the family didn't sue over that one AND people received promotions and commendations!? For what??!! The police had no leads for most of Glover's reign. They were searching for a young blonde man, possibly with a skateboard or possibly someone that bus hops. WTF? Glover was not a very intelligent man, he acted on impulse, so he was never careful and calculating, he didn't take anytime to clean up the crime scene, but apparently he was so slippery that he alluded police for one whole year, even with all the resources being fed into this area of Mosman.

What shocked me was that no one was able to make links with the murders/rape/assaults of old women in the central coast to the Mosman murders (the head detective lived in the central coasts for christ sake and he had never read about these in his local paper, apparently it was a big thing at the time, but not as big as the Mosman murders because these were poor women being beaten to death, not wealthy Mosman Matrons) and no one made the link between some guy molesting old ladies in north shore nursing homes to Glover and the murders for the longest time!! 'Catching' Glover was actually all luck and circumstance and him freaking out and trying to kill himself. If he had kept his cool and not made one police officer suspicious he'd probably still be rushing around beating old ladies heads in.

Definitely read if you are interested to know how to allude police; which is pretty much, don't confess because without a confession they have very little. A very interesting snap shot of a time in Australian crime.