"Plain Promise"

Young Amish widow Sadie Fisher has a good life, but she wonders if God's will for her is to remain without a husband and family.

Winters are lonely, so Sadie rejoices when "Englischer" Kade Saunders rents her guest cottage. But he isn't like anyone she's ever met. After arriving, he receives sole custody of his autistic son, Tyler.

Sadie and Tyler form an immediate bond, and her feelings for Kade start to change. The only problem is, their worlds couldn't be farther apart.

"Plain Paradise"

Josie was a teenager when she left her baby in the care of an Amish couple. Since then, much has changed, but one thing hasn't. Josie still longs to reconnect with her daughter Linda.

But Linda is unaware that she was adopted. When she's introduced to her birth mother, there's an immediate connection. Meanwhile, her adoptive parents—and Amish beau—try to understand how this interruption in Linda's life could possibly be God's will.

"Plain Proposal"

Miriam's heart is set on having a future with Saul Fisher. When rumors circulate that Saul may be leaving the community, Miriam makes a bold claim: she will stand by him, either way.

As Miriam and Saul make plans, God reveals things to Miriam that make her think twice.